What is Factoring
What is Factoring

What is Factoring?
Factoring is an agreement between a specialized financial services company (Factor) and his client where the Factor purchases the client’s accounts receivables for immediate cash and assumes the responsibility for credit and collection, protecting the client from credit losses.

With Factoring companies can unlock funds tied down as receivables and turn them into cash. It is a fast and flexible way to generate the cash flow necessary to grow your business.

Why use Factoring?
Factoring enables companies to focus their attention on sales rather than collecting accounts receivables. It also provides added financial flexibility so that companies can pursue business opportunities as they arise.
What Types of Companies Benefit From Factoring
Factoring is widely used by small and medium-sized businesses in a broad range of industries, including manufacturing, wholesale, distribution, import – export and selected services worldwide that sell products or services on credit terms.

Some of the companies we currently accommodate are: Fruit Distribution companies, Clothing Manufacturers, Ground Transportation Companies, Shrimp Farms, Flower growers, Produce importers, Freight Forwarders, Ocean Shipping Companies, Processed Foods Manufacturers, Chemical Ink Manufacturers, and Printing Companies.

What are the Benefits of Factoring?

  • Same day access to funding
  • Turn your accounts receivables into instant working capital
  • Improve your cash flow without incurring in additional debt
  • Take advantage of cash discount from vendors
  • Reduce costs associated with bad credit losses and collections
  • Streamline your accounts receivables and cash management process
  • Analyze your commercial customer’s credit risk
  • Offer more flexible selling terms
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