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Purchase order financing
Credit analysis
Risk coverage solutions
Accounts receivable & cash management services
Asset based lending/revolving lines of credit
Credit Analysis
Factor Brokers provides valuable guidance to clients on the creditworthiness of their customer base. Factor Brokers credit review services assists clients in making important commercial decisions which depend on reliable and accurate credit information on an ongoing basis.
Risk and Coverage
Factor Brokers purchase third party commercial credit insurance from prime carriers to protect clients against non-payment of account receivables due to insolvency events, bankruptcy and political risks.
Accounts Receivable and Cash Management
At Factor Brokers Inc., we believe businesses should focus on what they know best. That's why we've developed a comprehensive Accounts receivable and Cash Management Services Program that shows businesses how to get the most efficient use of their funds to maintain peak financial performance. Customers can improve their cash flows by accelerating collections and automating their accounts receivable process. Our lockbox services allows you to direct payments to an assigned post office where invoices and checks are processed and payments are deposited in your bank account the same day.
Asset Based Lending / Revolving Lines of Credit

An Asset - Based loan is a debt instrument secured by a pool of assets, which can includes accounts receivable and inventory, and may also include equipment, real estate and special assets like intellectual property. The amount generally available under the line of credit is calculated as a percentage of each of these asset classes.

Factor Brokers will consider Asset Based transactions and Revolving lines of credit for working capital to support business growth and meet seasonal or cyclical finance needs, for restructuring and turnaround situations including bankruptcy, acquisitions and leveraged buy-outs.

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