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Purchase Order Financing
  • What is Purchase Order Financing?
    Purchase Order Financing (PO Financing) or Purchase Order Factoring is a short term funding used by a borrower to finance the fulfillment of a sales contract with a credit worthy end-customer. The terms of the purchase order financing agreement are very specific, requiring the borrower to use loan funds for the purchase of certain materials and/or services needed to deliver goods to the end-customer.

  • Why use PO Financing?
    PO Financing provides companies added financial flexibility so that they can pursue business opportunities as they arise. It allows your company to fulfill customers purchase orders, even if you are without sufficient funds. It is a fast way to obtain the cash you need to deliver your orders.

  • What companies benefit from PO Financing?
    Any company with a good customer track record of delivering products can benefit from PO Financing. Some of the companies we currently accommodate are: Clothing Manufacturers, Flower growers, Furniture Manufacture Companies, Processed Foods Manufacturers, Chemical Ink Manufacturers, and Printing Companies.

    Factor Brokers will consider Purchase Order or PO financing to clients who have verifiable and undelivered sales contracts from creditworthy end-customers but have insufficient funds to deliver the products or render the services. We take into consideration our client’s business history and track record and ability to deliver the goods or services, the profit margin on the transaction and the creditworthiness of the client’s customer base.
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